Snekes of Eden„Snakes of Eden” is just a quintesence of traditional heavy metal. CETI with one of the best Polish vocalists, Grzegorz Kupczyk made heavy metal on this album to absolute perfection! You can say, that „Snakes of Eden” is a Damascus stainless steel, heh! Voice like Bruce Dickinson, melodic but wild sounds of guitars, solos taken from the border of masterpiece and good craftsmanship and tradiotional, heavymetal rhytm, great to make headbanging. CETI is like wine, the older, the better. This band knows, that we should not change what is run in and inspected. Interiors are only a little oil, for „not to creaked”. And they done it - a few drops of oil refreshing and age, but neatly assembled machine itself gives great advice on the highway full of strange inventions, efficient maneuvering and overtaking them easily. Lyrics is taken from classic themes of heavy metal genre: "Lady from the Dark," "Midnight Rider," "Wild & Free" and "Rock & Roll Doctor". CETI was born in golden years of heavy metal and they needn’t to change. For youngers it can be a „dinosaur” but this is a part of heavymetal world tradition like Iron Maiden, Helloween or Accept. "Snake of Eden" can know, that is well and does not need to prove anything. It swept !. Rating: 9/10