BRUTUS SYNDROME CETI okładka M-ARTSo glad they have a new one out! Many don't know that but I actually really like heavy and power metal. I just never really review or rate it here because we already have a bunch of users here (like Poohkali and DippoMagoo) that do a much better job at it than I ever will. So in the case of this band, it's more an underdog. CETI (which stands for "communication with extra-terrestrial intelligence") is an underground Polish rough diamond of a band. Perhaps the most well-known person involved is Grzegorz Kupczyk, who has been with CETI from the start and to me he is probably the embodiment of Polish heavy metal. You may know the man from The 80s metal band Turbo or from his involvement with melodic death metal band Esqarial, since he sang some tracks on their Klassika album some decade ago. CETI probably started to be known better outside of Poland about a decade ago when they started to go for English as their main language (although they did do English in the 90s as well, just not consistently). Their sound is definitely rooted in old-school heavy metal but they throw in some progressive influences for good measure. Funnily enough, on their 2014 offering Brutus Syndrome, this progressive influence is not heard much at all and seems replaced by a good dose of heavy blues attitude, mostly in the riffing. I have to say I like this much better than Ghost of the Universe, mostly thanks to the absence of those silly keyboards that detracted from the sound on that album. They're here on a few songs ("Devil Made Me Do It" and "The Song Will Remain") but they're very much in the background and aren't in the spotlight. The general direction of the sound on this album is akin to 80s metal, with the Maiden influence very present both in the music and in Kupczyk's vocalisms which sometimes reminds me of Bruce's (like on "The Evil and the Troy"). Let's face it, the music is nothing new; it's been done before in the 80s many times but here it's competently played and the added bluesy influence (like on the opening track and "The Song Will Remain") is a big plus for me, since I definitely love me some heavy blues. I think Brutus Syndrome is a great addition to their discography for fans of CETI and is worth at least checking out for those into 80s metal and good old heavy metal in general, without much fluff and/or orchestrations. It's not going to enlighten you or induce epiphanies on anyone but it's certainly good enough for a good time.